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Obama's brief brush with tango on a trip to Buenos Aires

If you've been watching the news recently, you will probably have heard about US President Barack Obama's trip to Argentina.  If you are currently visiting Buenos Aires, you may have seen the closed street and men in suits who shut down various parts of the city as the President made his way about. You may have even caught a glimpse of the highly publicised video of Obama being taken through the moves of tango with Argentina's own Mora Godoy. Godoy is one of Argentina's most well known tango dancers - she has travelled internationally for tango, is involved with several tango shows and is a choreographer. She was present at the Official Dinner in order to perform two pieces - La Cumparsita and a piece by tango electronic group Bajofondo.

Apparently she broke protocol in order to ask Obama to dance, who insisted that he didn't know how to dance. Credit needs to be given to Obama for kindly accepting her insistent request and putting himself in a potentially awkward position of dancing the lead role in a dance he doesn't know and in front of the world. The US President managed some pretty fancy footwork as Godoy sashayed around him and finished with a twirl before almost tipping Godoy off balance with an unsuccessful dip.

Lesser focus is given to Michelle Obama who accepted to dance in the shadows with Godoy's partner. No comments are made about her dancing as all eyes were on the showy moves and golden shimmer of Godoy's dress as her and Obama opened with a Gomez Addam's inspired straight arm tango.

Refreshingly (as compared to analysis from international media), Godoy remarked how it was simply a dream of hers to dance with him and how she was focused on dancing with him - nothing more, nothing less. She describes it as a unique experience and gushes about how marvellous and incredible the experience was. For Argentineans, it was simply an expression of an international visitor accepting and participating in their culture.



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