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Christmas Tango Shows 2019

Photo Credit: Gustavo Brazzalle

Christmas is a just 3 sleeps away and the longest day of the year is looking like it is going to be a sunny one. The city is dressed up with tinsel, lights and festivities. Schools are out, meaning the streets are full of boisterous young porteños out enjoying their summer freedom. Christmas is a summer festival for Buenos Aires, meaning the long warm sultry evenings are enjoyed well into the early hours with friends and family. Papa Noel still delivers the presents on the night of the 24th, but being Nochebuena, parents have invented the story that he manages to sneak past everybody to leave the presents under the tree as the children are outside admiring the fireworks. He sounds pretty nimble for a big, jolly man dressed in a heavy woolen suit.

If you have ever spent a Christmas or New Year here in the years prior, you know that fireworks light up the nightsky a plenty during these celebrations. While the amount of fireworks continues to reduce each year, the noise is certainly plenty enough to hide any sleigh bells that Santa´s magical sleigh might accidentally make, leaving children with no doubt that Papa Noel could quite possibly have flown overhead and they wouldn´t be any the wiser. 

There are many ways of celebrating Christmas and New Year here in the city but since you are in the city of Tango, why not spice it up with spending the evening out at a tango show. Several tango shows are offering special Christmas Eve shows that often offer extras like welcome cocktails, a gala dinner, wonderful tango show, a glass of champagne at midnight and the opportunity to continue the party after the show, with a DJ.  La Ventana, Gala Tango, El Viejo Almacen, Piazzolla Tango and Madero Tango are offering special shows on Christmas Eve.  Remember, you are able to book right up until the 24th.

It is highly recommended over the holiday season to prebook everything. Public transportation can seem non existent on the holiday days as they run a very reduced schedule and delays are inevitable - take note that between 9pm and 3am on the celebration days, there are almost no buses or taxis. Many restaurants require reservations as well. All the hard work is done for you with a tango show though and you don't have to worry about being stranded without a taxi. Besides, this is Buenos Aires whose heart and soul is about tango. What better way to celebrate the festive season?

If you are arriving here after Christmas for the New Year, you have a wide variety of options for your New Year celebrations.  All the tango shows are offering specially planned events to welcome in the New Year and offer an excellent way to give you a unique start to 2020. Transfers, cocktails, dinner, tango show - all followed by parties until the wee small hours of the morning. Madero Tango is even offering the additional surprise of watching fireworks go off over the docks of Puerto Madero. Whether it’s traditional (Cafe de Los Angelitos), romantic (Gala Tango, La Ventana), extravagant (Madero Tango, Señor Tango, Rojo Tango) or bohemian (El Viejo Almacen, El Querandi), you are sure to find a New Year´s Eve tango show that suits your style.

Feliz Navidad and may you tango yourself into a wonderful New Year.


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