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3rd Festival Independiente de Tango en Urchasdonia

Summer has arrived with a hiss and a roar and a relentless sun beating down from the cloudless blue sky. The city is on the cusp of the humid suffocating heat that accompanies full summer here, but for a few more weeks, the nights will cool off just enough and the day time breeze will keep you from overheating. The city has turned purple under the shade of the jacaranda flowers and the porteños are happy to finally have shaken off the long winter that 2019 brought us. There is more movement in the city, the people are out enjoying the parks and weekend asados are plentiful.

If you are in town at the moment and are really feeling like a little grass roots tango, get yourself along to the events of the 3rd Festival Independente de Tango en Urchasdonia. The title might be a bit of a mouthful for those non-native spanish speakers, but the tango is first class and the community is warm and welcoming. 

Taking its name from the amalgamation of the four neighbourhoods Villa Urquiza, Parque Chass, Villa Pueyrredon and Agronomia, this is barrio tango at its best. These aren't simply four neighbouring barrios. Some of the most infamous milongas are held in these areas - Sin Rumbo, Sunderland, Milonga del Moran. And El Faro (The Lighthouse) cafe has been a long standing patron to the tango that exudes from these neighbourhoods. It has been a beacon for tango lovers since 1931, featuring an immense amount of intimate concerts of instruments and singers over this time including, Cucuza and Alberto Podesta. 

The third year of running, Urchasdonia is a way to encourage people to view their neighbourhoods differently. To notice and connect on their very own streets, and celebrate the connections that can happen in their own backyards. In a world where so much value is placed on being global, or being seen, or connected worldwide, this festival encourages people to come back to their roots and see the friendships and cultural connections that exist on their very own doorstep. Promising milongas, concerts, music, singers, classes and friendship this festival truly celebrates the artists and dancers from this vibrant part of the city. 

The festival runs from the 15th to the 19th November. On the 15th, the opening event is just a few blocks from the end of Linea B subte (Las Rosas station) so there really is no excuse for not heading down to check out the fabulous street art, the gorgeous dancers Marcelo and Lucila, and wonderful singer Cucuza. Stick around Villa Urquiza and head to El Faro later in the evening to enjoy a true porteño tango experience. 

Since it is a long weekend in the city, the events continue every day. On Sunday, you are promised a wonderful afternoon of music as singers go head to head in the final of the contest ¨Jorge Casal¨at Club Agronomia. It all wraps up with a Monday afternoon Milonga including a class. There is no excuse not to dip your toes in the dancing pool since the weather promises to be fine and its right after siesta time.

Check out https://www.facebook.com/festivaltangourchasdonia/ for more information or @marceloylucila on Instagram.


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