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Life is a Milonga - tango and fireworks spectacular tonight!

Photo credit: Frank Kovalchek 2003

If you’re in the city tonight (Saturday 24th January) and looking for a way to enjoy the balmy evening that summer will bestow upon us, get yourself down to La Boca to experience tango in a completely new way - through the art of fireworks.

Internationally acclaimed fireworks artist Cai Guo-Qiang has been in town to compose his latest artwork -  ‘Life is a Milonga: Tango Fireworks for Argentina’ which combines the movement of both tango music and dance in one glorious fireworks display. This is the first event that Guo-Qiang has designed and produced in Latin America and promises to be a very entertaining evening. He has had to navigate the tricky waters of translation while trying to explain his concept and needs to his team and participants here in Buenos Aires to bring together what promises to be a fantastic show.

This video gives you a little bit of insight into the work that has gone into creating tonight’s event:


Translating bandoneon melodies and dancers’ movements into pyrotechnics is not an easy process. Guo-Qiang filmed dancers from a variety of angles to help inform his creative process of taking movement to explosion. And this show is not simply an artist’s interpretation of movement. It aims to capture the sensuality of tango and to give an imaginative exploration of Argentinean history with an abstract and symbolic look at four defining historical periods of the 20th Century.

La Vuelta de Rocha will be transformed into an outdoor milonga so that everyone can participate in the event. There will be live music and dancers performing. A first of its kind event for Argentina,  Life is a Milonga: Tango Fireworks for Argentina promises to be a unique event that will no doubt make a night to remember for tourists and porteños alike.

Things you need to know:

What: Life is a Milonga - Tango Fireworks for Argentina

Date: Saturday 24th January 2015

Time: 8pm

Where: La Vuelta de Rocha, Avenida Don Pedro de Mendoza, La Boca (where El Caminito is).

How to get there: Buses 29 and 152 will get you to the right place (see http://www.omnilineas.com.ar/buenos-aires/colectivos/bf-5ua-fc2-8xq-gyo-8bc-ghf) . La Boca, while safe in the events area, is a less secure part of town. It is not recommended to be walking at night in the backstreets. Keep street smart and leave your valuables at home.




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