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Best Tango Show in Buenos Aires - A Guide to Choosing a Tango Show

Photo Credit: Ornella M. on Flickr.com

Since there is no definitive ¨best tango show¨in Buenos Aires, it can be overwhelming to sift through the myriad of tango shows on offer to find the one that will be the gem of your experience in this intoxicating city.  Whether you are the discerning milonguero, a travelling family of four, or the budget conscious backpacker, there is a tango show for everyone. Everything from a full evening experience including three course dinner and show, or a show-only option as an injection of tango into your evening.

Family Friendly Tango

Just because you have little ones in tow, doesn´t mean you can´t enjoy an evening out together, after all, this is a city where it is common to find children of all ages out at all times of night. All the tango shows are free for babies under 2 years old and give a 50% discount for children aged between 2 and 10 years old. Shows in larger theatres such as Esquina Carlos Gardel or Cafe de los Angelitos are probably going to be more relaxing for children and parents alike, and older children may enjoy the added cultural elements of Sabor a Tango.

Keep in mind that the shows often have a dark atmosphere during the show (for those more sensitive children) and that prams are more than likely best left at home or at the door as the tables are usually quite close together and/or there are stairs to navigate. Changing tables in bathrooms at the shows are a rare sight, so prepare for there not being one.

Tried and Tested

These tango shows are long-standing favourites amongst the visitors to Buenos Aires but do not be put off by the extent of their popularity - these places have not become the fast food giants of tango shows. They have authentic charm and flawless shows and work hard to keep up their good reputation. The Esquina Carlos Gardel tango show is steeped in history and is held in the old theatre haunt of tango legend Carlos Gardel. If you’re staying in the heart of the popular old tango district San Telmo, El Viejo Almacen brings to life its small historic ballroom and La Ventana delights you in a warm 1940s vintage wine cellar ambience.

Romance and Intimacy

Who can’t help but fall for the romantic charm of Buenos Aires. For those looking for an opulent and luscious romantic experience in an intimate ambience, then look no further than Gala Tango and Rojo Tango. These shows offer superb VIP packages in a elegant and cosy atmosphere where you can be close enough to see the sequins on the dancers’ costumes. Those looking for the romance of a theatre setting should head to Cafe de los Angelitos, whose refined baby blue and gold theatre makes for a charming evening.

For the Dancer Within - a tango lesson

If you’re more of a hands on type traveler, you might be eager to dip your toes into the tango waters before watching the professionals. While you won’t be learning leg flicks and high boleos, many shows including La Ventana, Complejo Tango, Gala Tango and Piazzolla Tango offer a free tango lesson before the show and the chance to also meet one or two of the performers who assist in these classes.

NB: While the one hour tango lessons are included in the dinner packages, they require reservation so make sure you request the tango lesson when making your purchase.  

The Historians

For those looking for the historic ghosts of the traditional tango, look no further than El Querandi or El Viejo Almacen, both of whom pays tribute to the history of tango. These golden gems offer their guests a trip back down memory lane sticking to traditional music, compositions and ambience. For the musicians amongst you, the show Piazzolla Tango is dedicated to the 1950s music composed by Astor Piazzolla - a bandoneon player who brought tango to the orchestra scene - and whose music is known extensively throughout the world.

A Modern Twist

For those who are looking for something modern and contemporary, some shows are now embracing the ever-evolving branch of modern tango into their shows. With brighter lights and dynamic stage productions, these shows can offer an entertaining and spectacular show. Set in the heart of the glitzy suburb of Puerto Madero, Madero Tango offers a stunning view of the Rio De La Plata, reminding patrons of the humble seafaring immigrants who created the tango dance. If you’re truly looking for something different, try Señor Tango - whose round stage and innovative lighting guarantees a spectacular show.

Tango and Folk Music

The other child of Argentine music is folk music. It is to the campo (countryside) what tango is to the city. A dynamic and charming style, its rhythms are strong, its sentiments joyful and its sound is warm. Some shows such as La Ventana and El Viejo Almacen, include an injection of Andean music and gauncho dance in their tango shows.  The boleadoras set is not to be missed as a male dancer dressed as a gaucho (cowboy) uses two long ropes, each with a ball at the end, to accompany his zapateo (shoe tapping dance). It is dynamic, rhythmic and energetic. Sabor a Tango’s high quality folklore act comes recommended for those eager for a show with a bit more than tango.

Budget Conscious Traveller

Limited funds does not mean limited options. There are tango shows that deliver a quality show for those with a smaller budget so you don’t have to miss out. So if you prefer something with a showcase note (Taconeando was founded by the 1920s Argentine star Beba Bidart) or related to tango music’s history (Esquina Homero Manzi pays homage to tango writer Homero Manzi), or something with sumptuous decor (Sabor a Tango is housed in Palacio Rossini which was home to the Opera Singers Guild), be sure to check out these budget-friendly options.

Upgrading to VIP

Everyone loves an upgrade, so what exactly is your VIP upgrade getting you? The options can include a guarantee of a private booth or a balcony seat on a higher floor (Piazzolla Tango, Esquina Carlos Gardel, Cafe de los Angelitos) or front row seating (Madero Tango, La Ventana, El Querandi, Complejo Tango) which gives you and your date privacy and a clearer view of those amazing dancers. Upgrading to VIP also includes a more elaborate menu with more course options and finer wine choices to accompany your meal.


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